iOS14 has changed the game for paid social.

Now is the time to implement a proven strategy that works.

iOS14 has changed the game for paid social
Recently, Apple has started to tighten their consumer privacy policies. As technologies shift, and privacy regulations change, it’s critical to have an advertising partner focused on your performance.
iOS14 has changed the game for paid social

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The team at Kargo Commerce has been building dynamic social ads for over 10 years. As policies shift, our expertise, relationships with the publishers, and data-driven technology have helped us to address performance issues.

Bryan Cano, Kargo Commerce Director of Media Strategy and host of The Performance Podcast, is offering retail and eCommerce performance marketers a limited number of strategy sessions.

Bryan is a seasoned marketing professional with experience leading data-driven media strategies for DTC and F500 Retail Brands. 

Join Bryan for a 1:1 session covering:

  • How to maintain and increase performance in light of Apple’s privacy changes.
  • What strategies are effective for reaching your audiences.
  • What to expect as policies continue to shift.

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What You Need to Maintain or Increase Performance:


Leverage third-Party Data to integrate Google Analytics or Adobe Omniture into your dashboard for clear reporting. Utilize multivariate, brand lift, and conversion lift studies to analyze the impact of your advertising.


As your retargeting pool shrinks, the need for broader advertising rises. Collapse the funnel and make branding budgets more effective by including branding and performance in your ads through overlays to reach your target audience.


Take advantage of Kargo Commerce' in-platform custom metrics to create custom attribution models that account for delayed attribution. Leverage a Customer DataPlatform (CRM) to increase past customers addressability and increase your retargeting pool.

In an industry where tracking and targeting are being negatively impacted, having a solid performance strategy will help your brand outsell the competition. Kargo Commerce would love to be your partner.